Dog training is a journey that never ends. Our dogs will never be perfect, you should always strive to teach them more and continue to create purpose in your dogs.

My Story

From the time I was 12 years old I found a deep love for dogs but it was deeper than that and I was determined to find that journey for them.

We are always telling ourselves that this is good enough because we constantly come up with excuses why we can't do something. I never took that path in my journey to dog training. Before I was a small business owner of a successful dog training business WSK9CO training my own dogs were never enough. I worked in vet clinics on farms and ranches but there was just something missing. I knew I needed to be a part of something more. I discovered how much I loved and enjoyed people and there it was! I loved the relationship I had and still have with my dogs and I wanted to share with the world that you could have the same amazing deep passionate relationship with your dogs as I have with mine. That is were my journey began. I could help others train their dogs so that they too could have that deep of a relationship. My struggles were to keep people training long after I was out of their lives. We all want purpose in our lives or we move on to something that does create purpose. We should never let our dogs get stuck in a rut, we should always be teaching something new or different to keep that relationship alive, just like in our human relationships. This new journey of mine was the lightbulb for me. I want to share with the world that you can start a dog training journey with your dog, be your dogs dog trainer and never stop training and always have that connection.



1 - Takes away time as an excuse

2 - It's custom to you and your dog

3 - You get around the clock coaching

4 - You get professional experience

5 - Opens up new training options and challenges

6 - You will never stop training

7 - You will find a new connection with your dog

8 - You will have the courage to go get a dog

9 - It is affordable for everyone

10 - I get to expand your knowledge of dog ownership

Anyone should be able to have a dog and take it on an amazing journey without excuses of time, knowledge or money. More than sit gives you the flexibility of time, knowledge and custom to you and your dog. There is no excuse why you can't have a dog and train it too.

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