Dear Chianti,

The most favorite thing about you is your soul, it is so deep and you have so much passion. The lesson you have taught me is to live in the moment because the ones we love move on and there will always be more moments. You have also taught me that it is ok to cry, its okay to be sad and with the right people around you the sun will always shine. Thank you for pushing through and not giving up when you lost everyone you had, the kids have grown and you lost Mitt, Smokey and your Brother Bora, you and Cheyenne had each other to hold and cry when she lost her horse Buddy. You my friend taught us all how to love again and I thank you for that. Chianti you and I will have new adventures at the barn and we will also learn to slow down together and watch many sunsets!

Dear Patsy,

The most favorite thing about you is your ability to problem solve through everything, you are out thinking me. It may not be the best solution but I love that you try. The lesson that you have taught me is to trust the process and sit back and watch it unfold. Thank you for coming into this crazy dog house and bringing a seance of joy to the house. Our future is bright and you have big shoes to fill, you will be a herding champion and you will also be my last dog that I will ride into the sunset with.

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